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What we DO
We deliver practical solutions to difficult business problems, leveraging technology in ways your customers will love.
The Team

Our people make the difference

Our team blends high performing developers, UX design pros and product experts to create successful outcomes for our clients and their customers.

Our clients become critical members of the team. We provide leadership and coaching in product strategy, design and development, while keeping the process visible and collaborative every step of the way.

FABhome App for seniors to control a smart home
Product is about more than building a vision. It’s about discovering the solution in all its complexities, details and uncertainties.
Canadian Avalanche Association: InfoEx Web App
The Approach

Design-led development

DESIGN-LED development uses design as part of a process to learn and define requirements for a product or software application. The result? Better, more informed technology solutions to help you meet your business goals.

Our commitment to user-centred innovation means the users point of view is represented throughout the project: their goals, tasks, pain points, and needs; business strategies and requirements; and the technological suitability and benefits.

Shaping the solution

Product discovery

DISCOVERY WORK is the process of figuring out a solution worth building – before building it!

It answers these important questions: Will the solution/product be something the customer will buy, or will be able to figure out how to use? Will the solution work for the business?Can the engineers even deliver the solution with the time, skills and technology available?

Deeleeo - web app and API integration with Shopify for businesses owners to schedule pickup and delivery
What we do
  • Web and Native App Development
  • Hardware Integrations
  • Software & Platform Development; Data modelling, DB architecture and design
  • API integrations
  • DevOps
  • Testing & QA
  • Project Management with Scrum and Agile
  • Product Management & Product Strategy
  • Product Design, Human-Centred Design
  • User Experience & Design Prototyping
  • User Research, Usability Testing, Persona Development
  • Visual Design
  • Product & Customer Discovery
  • Product Management Coaching & Mentorship
Some of our clients:
Client: Stellaralgo
Client: Symend
Client: FABhome
Client: True Blue Swim School
Client: Canadian Avalanche Association
Client: fillip
Client: University of Calgary
Client: deeleeo
Client: Arcus Power
Client - wuw wuw
Client: InceptionU
Client: PwrSwitch
Let’s Talk about you!

How we can help


We know how to help you get the answers you need

You've got a brilliant idea, and now you're wondering how to get to product/market fit. You need a skilled product team to help you define and tackle your key risks + solve the problem in a way your customers will love and meet your business goals.


Executing and delivering is our strength

You've got to version 1.0 and you've proven value to your users + business viability. Congratulations! Now you need an experienced product team to help you scale your product, create a kick-ass user experience, or find the next most valuable area to focus on.


What are the unmet needs of your users?

The challenge now? Support and deliver consistent, continuous product innovation. You need an experienced cross-functional product team to help you discover and deliver new sources of value to your users and customers.

A group of ducks walk into a bar...

What we stand for

  • Creating value through product leadership & experience, collaborative teamwork and an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing for our clients
  • Partnering with our clients through thick and thin; teaching them how to build valuable products that their customers need (and love!)
  • Wearing our values on our sleeves: Honesty, Passion, Courage, Curiosity, Clarity, Impact
  • Empowering clients with a deep understanding of the strategy, design and development behind their product; keeping the process visible and transparent every step of the way.
  • Using technology for good in the world
  • Supporting the change we want to see by championing brands that are ethical, courageous and conscious
  • Having fun so that we stay energized, creative and engaged
Client: wuw wuw reservation resale app
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